Proseller is a wholesale and brand development organization. We focus on highest quality, reliable and, most importantly, valuable brands for consumers in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.


No. 1 oral hygiene brand in Scandinavia, offering a range of products: adult and children toothbrushes, toothpastes, dental flosses and interdental brushes.

Rapid White

A unique teeth whitening brand with no analogues in the market. Designed for safe and effective teeth whitening at home.


Oral care products with hyaluronic acid, classified as medical devices Class IIa, help fight inflammatory problems affecting oral mucosa.

Stay Cool

An ultra sleek, stylish and premium breath freshener spray! Instant fresh breath confidence with just 1-2 sprays after eating, drinking or smoking.


A unique Catalan cosmetics and lifestyle brand dedicated to skin and body.


No. 1 face masks brand in Germany. A wide range of cleansing, moisturizing, nourshing and SPA masks for different skin types.

Sun Tropic

A unique solar cosmetics brand offers both UVA and UVB protection. All products are water-resistant and let you enjoy sunlight with no worry of getting burned.


Hair removal creams and waxes that gently eliminate unwanted body hair to leave your skin feeling smooth as silk.

Triple Dry

An advanced protection anti-perspirant range with a clinically proven triple active formula that protects against wetness caused by heavy perspiration for up to 72 hours.


Innovative and safe skin care products that put the beauty back into your skin. They add elasticity, lock in moisture and reduce the appearance of skin imperfections.


A leading worldwide brand of beauty accessories originating from Spain.

Stella White

A wide range of teeth whitening products that give cleaner and fresher mouth without cavities, bacteria and plaque.


Beard care product range that offers shampoos, oils, balm and other daily use products.


Emergency care for your feet. Contains natural ingredients (such as jojoba, mint or tea tree oil) and offers all the foot care products you could need .


The scent of nature that should be experienced. Product range developed for body care.


A brand of facial and body care products rich in 100% of natural ingredients. Bioten brand is valued for its ratio between high quality and affordable price.


A self-warming eye mask brand that addresses tired eyes and tired appearance and offers luxurious SPA procedure for your eyes.


Dental care products for babies, toddlers and young children.

Gorgeous Bronze

A salon tan at home. 10 full body applications that deliver instant tan at the cost of one salon tan.


The Eres brand offers a range of cleaning solutions for all types of surfaces and items, both in and around the home.

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